Colma review

Colma review

Colma Review - Broadway musical

The film tells the story of three teenagers who do not know how to find themselves in this life and still are only at the beginning, which revealed to be a large, long, wide and branching road that is called simply "life". Many Asians and dark-skinned young people from the audience of the film were identifying themselves with these characters, according to their confessions, as they faced with quite the same issues and problems, as on a screen.

Despite the overall budget of USD 15 thousands, which was assembled by the principle "string by string from the world", and probably even sponsored by the parents of its producers – H. P. Mendoza and Richard Wong, it turned out pretty good, as for the debut work. Of course, it's not Sam Mendes, who received an Oscar for his debut in the cinema, but this work was also destined to receive 5 prizes, which is pretty comforting. Audience choice or something like that in the rank.

Colma – the film – is named after the tiny town, a suburb of San Francisco, where only a small amount of 1800 inhabitants live, has more than a dozen cemeteries, including a cemetery for pets. Remarkably, with so many "dead residents", its motto – “It's great to be alive in Colma”. Ridicule or a very subtle irony – we do not say, let everyone decide for himself or herself. Maybe suddenly someone would love to live in this town after watching the movie? What's nice in the city – it is coastal, like many in sunny California, a state to which it belongs, has many beautiful beaches. Don’t you doubt, the film will unfold on one of them as well.

This musical shows a talent of one of participants of much more popular film – Van Wilder, – namely, his Indian assistant (Kal Penn), who even prime-starred in the sequel. Though he is not in the credits, but it is him on the #1 photo. By the way, according to official sources, the box office is a little more than 41 thousand, so probably H. P. Mendoza returned his investments.

Depressing lack of professional equipment for movie resulted in poor sound recording. But even so, it turned out in quite decent art-house musical, which can be viewed at leisure, if you have a couple free hours.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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