Could We Get Any Older? lyrics - Colma

Could We Get Any Older? lyrics

Could We Get Any Older?

Could we get any older?
Our youth is just slipping away
We?re trying real hard to act the part
I?m sure that we?ll be cool someday

This one looks like he still lives
at home with Mom
And this one took his best friend
as a date to the prom
And this one smells like feet
And really likes to eat
How could you not love this guy? [Rodel?]

Could we get any older? [Get any older?]
I think that we can die right now
Underneath the cool fa?ade,
We?re still real odd
We?re major fucking dorks and how

This one looks like she needs
To wear a push-up bra
And this one goes to the
Renaissance Faire, ?Huzzah!?
You got all the Buffy episodes on DVD
Because you wish you looked
As skinny as her

Could we get any older? [I don?t think so!]
You?re clinging on to your youth
You act real cool like you never ditched school
But everybody knows the truth
You throw parties every week
Just to pass the time
And then everybody leaves for you
To clean up the grime
And then you?re stuck at home all alone
Wishin? you could find a man

Could you get any lamer?
I?m sorry if I?m sounding blunt
But if you can?t hang
With what I just sang
You can shove it up your cuuuuuuuuuunt! Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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