Tell Hm Anything lyrics

Tell Hm Anything

Tell him that it wasn't love
Say I tried,
Say I lied,
tell him i'm unworthy of
what he feels inside.
Tell him that you heard me say
what seemed right
just last night
simply seemed to fade away
in the light of day.
Tell him of the countless other lovers
who ive tantalised, victimised.
Tell him of the many other times
i've played this heartless game
just the same,
tell him what i really am
is just a cold and empty sham
tell him anything;
but not that i love him.
Tell him that it wasn't love
all we shared,
all we cared.
Make him hate my memory
make him glad he's free.
Paint me evil, paint me cruel
say i broke every rule
make him feel that he's a fool,
for his loving me.
Don't let him know
why i must leave him
why i must go so far away.
For if he knew,
how much i love him,
no power on earth
could make him stay.
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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