Cinderella: Songs from the Classic Fairy Tale review

Cinderella: Songs from the Classic Fairy Tale Review - Broadway musical

Doing this show, creators faced a hard work, which is usually vividly indicated when they want to emphasize the incredible involvement of all participants. For example, this technique uses Chris Columbus in his mega-hit Home Alone, which shows as in the morning the whole family was running around looking for their belongings. This musical was implemented about as tensely & less comical.

Musical staged on Broadway is a little different. It started with the second part, which goes after "happily ever after..." and includes a lot of what was not in previous versions. For example, Cinderella draws Prince’s attention to injustice happening in his kingdom. Such roles were introduced as the evil prime minister who has become in charge of the Kingdom after the death of a king, despite the existence of legitimate, blood prince. This minister does the approval of new laws that severely oppress justice and make him more powerful. Other new faces – a militant youth with a warm heart, a rebel Jean-Michel and his girlfriend, who decide to throw down the authorities, which are more criminal than fair. Several new songs were written for this version.

Describing the show of 1957, it must be said that this version has already become a classic, where everything is beautiful and the story is the same as we know it and remember from the childhood. Glorious dresses, pleasant people, good acting. Version of 2013 on Broadway was a completely new rethinking, staged in the Broadway Theatre, directed by Mark Brokaw, with such actors: L. Osnes, S. Fontana, V. Clark, H. Harris, P. Bartlett, A. Harada, M. Mindelle, G. Hildreth. As many as 9 Tony nominations for this fairy tale is a fairly good harvest, we believe. However, there was only one received for the costumes, but it is more than a sweet pill because, apart from the main theater award, musical experienced 5 nominations for Drama Desk, three of which turned out to be advantageous. However, critics of the show were quite contradictory. Some people did not like the idea that after "happily ever after..." turns out, may have a completely new story, also interesting (though once the movie Shrek has proved the existence of history after this "point of no return" and, it should be recognized, quite successfully). But no matter how critics tried spitting with snots on the show, it was a success and closed after 770 regular performances and 41 previews. US tour began in the autumn of 2015 and continued until May of 2016.

Returning to a more beautiful version of the 1957 (and probably the most beautiful among musicals about Cinderella), a huge number of people – 107 million, 60% of the US population, was watching it. One of the founders said of the success in this way: “coming out at the streets of Manhattan short after the broadcasting, I found them almost completely empty because all stayed at home to watch this magnificent show”.

The audience of musical was divided into all spectrum – from full amorousness to complete indignation. Critics both praised the play & completely rejected all, finding everything bad from music and stage design, to the libretto & costumes, including lightning and stage work.

It should also be noted that all versions of the tale, which we know now, are quite soft, as modern people do not understand the hard tales. Even now, the evil characters are often portrayed with soft hearts (remember Maleficent). In the original fairy tale, the evil stepsisters were chopping off own toes with an ax to wear a shoe, trying get into with own stumps (unsuccessfully, however). In addition, a "good" Cinderella ordered to execute her stepmother and step-sisters after her marriage to the Prince.
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