Cinderella: Songs from the Classic Fairy Tale Musical Lyrics

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Cinderella: Songs from the Classic Fairy Tale Lyrics

Well-known producers of the public entertainment Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, came to one of the bosses of CBS production company in 1955 to create a musical. During the 1950s, adaptation of musicals was quite a popular trend. For example, as many as 4 were filmed in the period between 1950 – 1960. The Cinderella musical was a new piece written from the scratch following the story of Cinderella, which is divided into 6 parts, for the sake of commercial breaks in a 90-minute story. Julie Endrews was then popular actress, who now does much broader range of things than just an acting. She is also the director and the producer.

Written in the 7 month, a new story about the well-known Cinderella has been focused exclusively on family audience and children. At the same time, all actors have been given more traits that make the characters of the picture look like people more than persons from a fairy tale. Work on the filming began in 1957. The creators made it closer to the French version of Cinderella, Cendrillon by Charles Perrault. It is no different in the main brushstrokes from the main story, which is known all over the world, but with, of course, specialties in the course of the plot.

In addition to this 1998th version, the history knows many different versions, from the musicals of 1957 & 2013 till transfers of adaptations on the screen. There are even such options as pantomimic – exotic and unusual.

It is notably that creation was performed on the first color studio in New York (they were all black and white before), which was also terribly small, where all the performers were placed with cameras, props and clothing. The orchestra played in a tiny room with special equipment, which suppressed the negative effect of the sound in the cramped space.
Release date: 1998
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