Cinderella: Songs from the Classic Fairy Tale synopsis

Cinderella: Songs from the Classic Fairy Tale Synopsis - Broadway musical

This action is in three parts, where in the first we learn about the local king who would make a ball on which all noble and not noble people go. Very fashionable and cool party, if in a modern way. Cinderella, which experience her oppression by the evil stepmother and her egocentric and narcissistic daughters, after the death of her beloved dad, stood on the same level as servants, although earlier she was all dad’s world. This love, which she keeps in her heart, helping he to stay nice, kind and sympathetic. She wants to live the life of a princess, not servant in the corner next to the fireplace/place for cooking the food ("In My Own Little Corner").

The king and the queen prepare for the ball and hope that their only son will find at this ball the one who will capture his heart. But, as more than enough number of girls want to be a princess, the prince was not thrilled with the fact that he will have to choose, looking at hundreds (if not thousands) of all incomers.

The stepmother and her evil daughters laugh at Cinderella's desire to go to the ball and now the good Fairy Godmother appears who does everything that Cinderella found herself at the ball – with nice clothes, shoes and carriage.

In the second act, Cinderella is at the ball, arriving at 11:30, and has only 30 minutes until all donations from fairy would disappear. The striking appearance of Cinderella generates multiple gossips and the Prince is interested in her. They dance together, and he falls in love with her as she falls with him. They retire to the balcony and the prince kisses her, while the clock strikes 12 and she flies out like a bullet, leaving only a glass slipper.

In the third act, Prince looks for the owner of a shoe through his spokesmen, among all the women of the kingdom. Trying it on in the house of Cinderella finds no one suitable, and a wicked stepmother hides Cinderella from the eyes of lookers. But she occurred to be found, the slipper fits her, they happily reunited with Prince, and it ends with happy ending.
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