Walter And Florence lyrics - Chess in Concert [LIVE]

Walter And Florence lyrics

Walter And Florence

Walter: [Spoken]
So in the end our hero won brilliantly. Surprised us all.
He's played as well as he's ever done.

Florence: [Spoken]
No surprise.

Walter: [Spoken]
Well this is--
He's just announced he's going back to the soviet union.
He seems unable to win without the added thrill of changing sides.
Don't you have a single word to say?

Florence: [Spoken]
No... No.
No, you wouldn't listen anyhow,
And what I'm feeling now
Has no easy explanations.
Hasn't this been a great achievement?
Losing you man and nothing in return.

Walter: [Spoken]
Well, not my man, it's your man. Anyway, Anatoly's
return to the soviet union is a very descent gesture.
It's vertualy assured us some very important collateral--
Including you father. He must have done it for you.
He wouldn't have done it for me. We'll get your father out--
if he's still alive.
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