Heaven Help My Heart lyrics - Chess in Concert [LIVE]

Heaven Help My Heart lyrics

Heaven Help My Heart

If it were love
I would give that love
Every second I had,
And I do.
Did I know where
He'd lead me to?
Did I plan doing all of this
For the love of a man?
Well I let it happen anyhow,
And what I'm feeling now
Has no easy explanation--
Reason plays no part.
Heaven help my heart.

I love him too much,
What if he saw
My whole existence
Turning around a word,
A smile, a touch.

One of these days,
And it wont be long,
He'll know more about me
Than he should.
All my dreams will be understood,
No surprise,
Nothing more to learn
From the look in my eyes.

Don't you know that
Time is not my friend?
I'll fight it to the end
Hoping to keep that
Best of moments
When the passion start.
Heaven help my heart.

The day that I find,
Suddenly I've run
Out of secrets,
Suddenly I'm not
Always on his mind.

Maybe it's best
To love a stranger--
Well, that's what I've done.
Heaven help my heart.
Heaven help my heart.

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