Chess in Concert [LIVE] review

Chess in Concert [LIVE] Review - Broadway musical

Production in the West End is characterized by its vitality and entertained the British public for 3 years. After moving to Broadway, it was closed after only 60+ displays. Rolling Stone described the show as an unusually fresh look at the old things. Record of music from the show was holding on the first and on higher positions in mostly industrial developed countries, where people love not only good arrangements, but also excellent rock, which is abundantly present in this musical. Critics acknowledge that the perfection of execution is in the first place, primarily affects the listener.

Sweden was the only country where a record stayed on the charts at the first position for whole 7 weeks.

The musical resulted in mixed assessments of the critics, from the very laudable to completely horrible. For example, one of them was such: the musical is too long, empty and it had an unbelievable story that disguises itself as a solid musical.

This work is a derivative of the original staging of the musical named Chess. It changed its format – the audience is now witnesses some of the scenes, the most important ones of the two acts, which were represented in the original musical. This time it is also a musical, but it was a live show recording, so a show was reduced for about an hour till the 2+ hours instead of 3:15 for this format. The biggest accolades singing to musical were for acting of the main three heroes, whom admired everyone, and there have been no complaints about the way they give what they should give. Broadway redesigned compared to what it was in the West End and now the story tells of the world chess champion – Anatoly Sergievsky, a resident of the USSR, and Freddie Trumper was his main rival and contender for the title, not vice versa, as in the USA version.
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