1956 - Budapest Is Rising lyrics - Chess in Concert [LIVE]

1956 - Budapest Is Rising lyrics

1956 - Budapest Is Rising

1956 - Budapest is rising.

I'd have thought you'd support Chorus:
Any attack on these people. 1956 - Budapest is rising.
On the people who ran
Mindlessly over your childhood.
Don't let them fool you
For 30 years on,
They're the same.

1956 - Budapest is fighting.
1956 - Budapest is falling.

They see chess as a war Chorus:
Playing with pawns just like Poland. 1956 - Budapest is dying.
If you walk out on me
You're really betraying you father.
Were he alive now he'd surely
Be dying of shame.

You know that there's nothing I've done
That he'd be ashamed of
In my whole life!
Why'd you have to do this to me?

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