Cats synopsis

Cats synopsis

Cats Synopsis - Broadway musical

It happens 1 time per every year, when the cats horde named Jellicle gather in a common place and decide who will be the next ascender to the Heaviside Layer – some kind of a mystical place. Cats are presented to the audience in order audience to know with whom interaction goes in the musical – as an integral part of the play. From this, we learn about what cats are gathered here and about their distinctive features (for example, the song Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer or a cat with the funny name Jennyanydots, song The Old Gumbie Cat). Once after the cats ball, the audience learns that the Heaviside Layer is, possibly, some ritual place or both a place and a ritual that would allow one of the cats to reborn to a new life (without showing exactly how it would happen).

Alternately different cats come to the scene and every cat under own song presents himself, with the result that we learn about their character and position in the cat’s hierarchy, and how surrounding ones treat them. For example, there is a large and thick imposing cat, which goes to a club of local cats-gentlemen (or, rather, gentlecats?). Or an old she-cat, whom other cats try to avoid (in the past, she was the star of the theatre but now lost most of the charm). Or we know a couple of idlers, petty thieves and hooligans.

Then the main action begins, when it comes to cat named Old Deuteronomy, old and decrepit, who survived more than one or even more than a dozen of his wives, a mentor who has to choose someone who will follow him in the Heaviside Layer, a sacred place. All the cats begin to dance on the cat's ball, and decrepit old cat Grizabella was trying to dance with them too, but it didn’t work, and so instead she sings Memory – hit song, which greatly added to the popularity of this musical.

After this soulful performance, Grizabella is selected for rebirth and the ceremony of choosing ends with the official song of Old Deuteronomy. On the scene, we see cat Asparagus, which tells about the past own bygone days and as he was known star, but now he is old and decrepit and has palsy paws. Cat Skimbleshanks – mascot of the night train to Glasgow and all the cats are went to the local scrapyard to portray the train – someone turns the wheels made of the materials at hand, and someone shows other details.

Arriving local bully steals an Old Deuteronomy, disguised in his clothes and shows himself like this, but exposed and expelled. Old Deuteronomy returns to the place and the ceremony of ascension begins. Grizabella ascends to the sky on the large tire, sending her recognition to all and a speech until the curtain finals the show.
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