Cats review

Cats review

Cats Review - Broadway musical

Cats have won several Olivier Awards for all time (in addition to already mentioned Tony, Drama Desk and Grammy), making an absolute world record for the number of shows – more than 17 000 (appending together the West End & Broadway & other performances).

Its success is phenomenal. It was filmed in 1998, based on the musical, adapted for those who never saw it in theaters. Also, the show has been translated into 20 languages. It has one of the highest citation indexes among musicals. Better known than this show is only The Phantom Of The Opera, which is now the longest in the history of Broadway and still running, started in 1988, having now 11600+ productions (the number grows because the show is active).

Cats possesses lots of unusual things. First of all, clothes and make-up that makes all the participants of the musical look similar to real cats as much as possible without special effects and without harming the musicality and not hindering the movements. Secondly, the scene is made in the form of a huge landfill, where events unfold and all cats... sorry, the actors play their roles, using things from the stage – that is, from the trash. Third – there are no dialogues between the songs, that is, only the songs, so there is no libretto in the classical understanding. Then – there is no general line of the plot but the idea of some cat that night should ascend into some semblance of cat paradise, to be reborn there and to return to the mortal earth as new and young kitty. The show consists of many small scenes, where every cat presents himself or herself, own position in the hierarchy of the cat world and a character. And, if possible, an occupation.

The show differs with phenomenally bright voices that sing songs of very different genres, from pop to jazz and beyond, with very clean notes. Therefore, all the actors are almost operatic singers in conjunction with good dancers. Its success is enormous due to the fact that its general spirit is light and nostalgic, memorable as Christmas and holds in mind very long after viewing it. I personally met this musical as a child, watching the broadcast of its video-version in 1998 and it felt as if I was watching a musical on stage. Spellbound looking at all of these actors and their masterful performance of songs, watching their flexible movements of bodies and had been filling with sense of good and plausible tale, unfolding in front of my eyes. And this is still the most "delicious" musical, which originated love for theater arts in my heart, letting me feel the magic that is unfolding before the eyes of the stage.

The musical has become so popular that it even plays regularly on some passenger ship during the cruises. There are so many places it has visited with performances, that they are more than can the average person can afford to visit in a lifetime. Also thanks to it, records are produced. For example, 700 people have played on stage simultaneously in Australia, under the auspices of Harvest Rain Theatre Company, in 2014. Or on its 25th anniversary in 2013 it was a giant choir of 3,500 children in Europe, which, thanks to computer technologies, merged & could play in the biggest musical composition altogether.

This musical is the inspiration for several generations; it has been developed over 4 years before its start and its great fame would not subside even many decades later.
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