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Married lyrics


You're sure that's what you want; gettin' married at City Hall, huh?
We're sure.
Because getting a good start... That's the trick of it. To make a good start. Jane?
Yeah, Ma?
It's a big thing, gettin' married.
You gotta look before you leap.
You gotta pick somebody to keep.
So that when his hair is mostly gone,
And your waist is not so slim,
You'll still be with him.
Ma, I've known Ralph for over two years now...
I'm not sayin' you don't know him,
And I'm not sayin' he don't care,
But still, you gotta prepare
'cause whether or not there's presents and rice
And all that stuff,
Soon enough there's sacrifice.
So it's not all roses,
And it's not about dreams come true.
No matter what I wish for you,
It's more about things you have to do.
And you can't go throwing money around.
I hope you got more than your Pa and me, but even if you do, you can't go throwing it around.
Especially when the
children come.
I'm not married and you've got me having children.
Go ask that friend in California.
You'll have kids before you know it,
Then you life won't be your own
Even after they're grown.
All the things you do without,
All the nights you lie awake,
For you children's sake.
So don't go thinkin' that it's all just one good time.
Oh, there's some good time,
But don't go thinkin' that it won't be an uphill climb,
Where you find yourself
Wond'rin' how it ever go to be this way,
Wond'rin' how you're gonna last another day,
Wait-that isn't really what I meant to say...
No, it's a good thing, gettin' married.
It's the thing that people do.
Now you found the fella for you.
So you'll each wear a groove in your side of the bed,
Each learn to ignore things the other one said,
And you'll smile when you think about
The day you were wed...
Is that all?
I guess
You're not going to tell be about the birds and the bees?
Don't be fresh. And don't go thinking that's the whole thing.
'Cause it's not. Oh, it's important. It's just after a while, it's not that important.
You won't forget to talk to Uncle Win, will you?
It's a big thing, gettin' married.
I'll come home as early as I can to help with dinner.
How about that, Tom?
Our daughter's gettin' married.
I always thought the boy would be first.
I thought maybe he'd meet a girl over there,
Bring her home and surprise us all...
Then we got that call.
At least Janey will be settled
With a family of her own.
Sure would be nice to give her a wedding
To start her off right,
With a party that lasts all night.
But she says she doesn't want it,
And I'm not gonna fight.
She's got a good head on her shoulders,
And if she doesn't want all the fuss,
Then, I guess they'll start out like us.
I warned her about what's down the pike.
I set her straight,
Told her what it was like...
... to be married.

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