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Album lyrics:
  1. Partners
  2. Ralph and Me
  3. Married
  4. Women Chatter
  5. No Fuss 
  6. Your Children s Happiness 
  7. Immediate Family 
  8. Our Only Daughter Our Only Daughter Video
  9. Women Chatter 2 
  10. One White Dress One White Dress Video
  11. Vision 
  12. Don't Ever Stop Saying I Love You Don't Ever Stop Saying I Love You Video
  13. I Stayed I Stayed Video
  14. Married (reprise) 
  15. Coney Island Coney Island Video
  16. Don't Ever Stop Saying I Love You (reprise) 
  17. Coney Island (reprise) 

Catered Affair, A review

Catered Affair, A Review - Broadway musical

You can try to accept this show as a kind of social revelation, when it opens up the problems of the family, in which such light event is coming like a wedding. It goes against the background of exaggerated desire of mother to please hers daughter, arranging luxurious wedding. This desire suddenly woke up to her as compensation for the lack of attention to her kid when she was instead engaged in eternal work on household chores. Here we also have admixture of father's business, who wants to expand his share and seeks for money to do so.

John Bucchino, who wrote the libretto for the play, made it closer in style to the tragedy, bringing maximum realism in dialogues. This musical even less musical than you expect from the average musical. The songs in it are not an addition of the ordinary events of daily life, but as if torn away from the dialogues. Perhaps the creators should feel more music in their approach or not to create a musical at all, making it a conventional operetta or a play without music, just as a classic play.

Actually, judging from the essence of the story, it is unclear what interest should be brought for the ordinary viewer with this mundane chain of events from the life of an ordinary small family in Bronx. The bottom line of all that is happening you can literally pass with following sentence: "The daughter decided to get married; initially she wanted a small wedding, then big, then again a little, and I bought a bigger share in my business." After all, those are quite ordinary things. This is like making a musical describing that someone had dinner, watched football, and then went to bed. Or how 7,548,645,021st child in the world was born. Routine, beaten track.

But, perhaps, this musical has some sort of its own, special, morality? Maybe it carries some weight of its own idea that was originated in a small society and is important for everyone? If so, we have not found anything like it though tried hard.
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