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Album lyrics:
  1. Partners
  2. Ralph and Me
  3. Married
  4. Women Chatter
  5. No Fuss 
  6. Your Children s Happiness 
  7. Immediate Family 
  8. Our Only Daughter Our Only Daughter Video
  9. Women Chatter 2 
  10. One White Dress One White Dress Video
  11. Vision 
  12. Don't Ever Stop Saying I Love You Don't Ever Stop Saying I Love You Video
  13. I Stayed I Stayed Video
  14. Married (reprise) 
  15. Coney Island Coney Island Video
  16. Don't Ever Stop Saying I Love You (reprise) 
  17. Coney Island (reprise) 

Catered Affair, A synopsis

Catered Affair, A Synopsis - Broadway musical

There are several weeks of events in the life of 4 people. Events take place in the Bronx.

The first storyline is about Jane and her beloved, Ralph, who decide to get married and want initially a small wedding, but the mother of Jane wants her to make a huge, luxurious wedding, one that she did not have herself. At first, Jane admires this fact and begins to choose her dress, as well as to participate in a variety of other preparatory affairs – the choice of cake, the adjustment of the guests list etc. Her uncle, who had previously not been invited to the whole thing, was in a rage over this circumstance, but now actively helps her with the organization of the wedding and supports Jane mentally. To organize nuptials, mother of Jane decided to use all life savings that she and her husband had been gaining all their life. But over the time, Jane and her future husband face differences because of the scale of the wedding, all of these impermissible waste, which will be spent on it, and they decide again to have a little, simply a tiny wedding. Their parents eventually agree with this situation, and they are having a small wedding.

The second storyline – Tom, father of Jane, owns 30% of the taxis, in which he and another two partners work for a living. Together with his second partner, he decides to buy out the third part, and seeks the money for that. When Jane decides to hold a small wedding ceremony instead of a big that her mother offers her as a moral and material compensation for her perpetual lack of time for own daughter during her growing-up, Tom and wife decided to put the money in the purchase of a part of a car. And Tom had time to the date of Jane’s wedding to drive to the ceremony in a car, sharing it now only with the second partner.
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