Men! lyrics - Calamity Jane

Men! lyrics


Males, males, rip-roaring males,
Frisky from whisky and filling up jails.

A five dollar wager will get you a ten,
No dead wood coyote will hogtie this hen.

Men are made to breed confusion love is ???.
So I've come to this conclusion,

I don't want any part of them,
Oh the black heart of them.

Down, down, down with them all,
The cow punching type or the tenderfoot tall.

Mule-headed men who are mentally ten,
Loveable, punchable, huggable, clinchable, loveable, lynchable men.

Men have got a sort of nose,
For any chicken whose kicking around,

And reckon mom that goes for.
Every masculine resident up to the president.

Hi ho, song and a dance,
Trouble comes double in buckskin and pants.

When Adam begat, all the trouble began,
So that now that we finally hollered our heads off,
And dished all the dirt that we can,
Forr pete's sake, send us a man.
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