Calamity Jane synopsis

Calamity Jane synopsis

Calamity Jane Synopsis - Broadway musical

Calamity Jane, who works together with her partner, first saves the local saloon holder from death or, at least, big expenditures. He told everyone that the boy is the dancer girl and, when it revealed, the local crowd of miners was not thrilled with this fact and wanted to lynch the owner of the saloon. But well-trained with guns Calamity rescued him and lowered the degree of passion of miners.

Calamity then went to the big city to bring to a local people a star – an actress who would be performing for them, but accidentally picked up her maid, confusing her with a star. The maid on the scene of saloon recognized herself to local people that she isn’t a star. They begin to make noise, but Calamity asked them to give her a chance and a maid still won the local public’s hearts. Including heart’s love of the local sheriff, to whom Calamity were attracted to. She lets him go reluctantly, understanding that truly loves Wild Bill, her team-mate.

Musical shows only a few days in the life of this shrill woman Calamity, which is on the scene (and in the movie) shown as very violent, capricious and beautiful blond girl who longs for love of men. In life, she was not beautiful at all and was dressed in men's attire, was black-haired, simple and stubborn. And smoked cigars. She died of several diseases, including bowel obstruction – the consequences of her overuse of alcohol. The essence of the musical revolves around Calamity who promises to deliver to the local saloon new performer, singer-women, who would have entertained the local public, very missed the feminine charms.

After the show that newcomer gave, that was not a failure, as it seemed at first, but quite the contrary, in the local town comes a new commander of Fort Scully. While Calamity entertains him, wearing a beautiful woman's dress (which is quite unusual for her), she sees that her former lover is in the arms of newcomer singer. She's furious and demands that a singer was swiping out of town, but the singer is defended by Wild Bill, and she realizes that it is necessary to let the ex-love go because she loves Bill.

Closing of the musical comes with double wedding – of Wild Bill and Calamity and of singer with the ex-love of Calamity.
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