Calamity Jane review

Calamity Jane review

Calamity Jane Review - Broadway musical

Calamity Jane is a local celebrity in North America, which fought for the rights of Indians (the indigenous population of the USA), was frontierswoman and generally very harsh person who became known as the army scout and explorer. She was familiar with Wild Bill Hickok, who was then and still remains a legend of the Old West – he was a shooter and a gambler. It is because of him the name of poker cards combination called Dead Man's Hand – this he handled during the death.

In the musical, Calamity shown as a peace officer (the modern equivalent of police ranger), which acts on a par with Wild Bill Hickock, protecting the city from evils and misconducting. Wild Bill became famous for his legendary ability to shoot accurately and invention of dueling on pistols (revolvers) – when two people are facing each other and fire at a signal – a scene that is often portrayed in the Westerns.

The film, which was released after the musical, was very handsome and good. The song that the maid singer performs, who was confused in the plot with a big show-business star, even received an Oscar for the best song of the soundtrack of the motion picture.

The musical does not take anything from real events that happened to this strong-willed and tough woman. It is based solely and completely on fictional situations in which the only true fact that she was tough, and wayward. Without displaying her civil attitude towards scumbacks, as well as Native Americans, on the side of whom she was – and it was at odds with the position of the then authorities.

The musical includes new 6 songs that were not in the film of 1953. It is an adaptation of earlier productions, which took the format of the show. Also, one of the songs that sounds here was written for the film, but it was not included.

Breaks between sets are up to 43 years, but without taking this circumstance into account, the musical is performed frequently when performed. Since 1994, it went almost continuously until 2015, at least for 9 different years, that may not be considered as real interruptions.

This musical is generally quite funny, filled with Wild West, with all its clichés, as we know in it: a holster on the belt, leather pants, a plurality of pieces of clothing that are hanging here and there (sewn leather strips) etc.
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