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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Belmont Avenue 
  3. Look to Your Hear 
  4. Roll 'Em 
  5. I Like It
  6. Giving Back the Money 
  7. I Like It (Reprise) 
  8. Ain't It The Truth 
  9. Out of Your Head
  10. Nicky Machiavelli
  11. These Streets 
  12. Act 2
  13. Webster Avenue 
  14. Out of Your Head (Reprise)
  15. One of the Great Ones
  16. Ain't It The Truth (Reprise) 
  17. Look to Your Heart (Reprise) 
  18. One of the Great Ones (Reprise) 
  19. Hurt Someone 
  20. In a World Like This 
  21. The Choices We Make 

I Like It lyrics

I Like It

Everywhere I go
Up and down the street
Everyone's my buddy
They're fallin' at my feet
I'm more than a kid
I'm part of the gang
They know where I go
Who I'm with, and my name

They call me 'C'
And I like it
Cool as can be
And I like it

Walkin' tall
Feelin' fine
Belmont Avenue's mine (?)
And I like it

Guys down at the pool-hall
They're beggin' me to play
The kids up at the corner, steppin' outta my way (?)
The girls give me looks
That are sweeter than summer
And why, because I am a real up-and-comer

They call me 'C'
And I like it
They smile at me
And I like it

Things are good
Yes, they are
Life's a big cookie jar
And I like it

Just yesterday
They pushed me aside
Just yesterday
They all looked right through me
Suddenly, 'boom!'
The world knows who I am
Life's a carnival ride since Sonny happened to me

When I'm at the drugstore
A cola costs a dime (?)
Over at the newsstand
Free comics all the time
The grocer
The peddler
The whole neighborhood
Wherever I go
I know my money's no good

They call me 'C'
And I like it
Everything's free
And I like it

Got a style
Got a rep
Got a swing in my step
I got the cash and the crew
All because (_________)

Nothing will be quite the same
Starting with my new name
And I like it

Yeaaah, yeah
I like it
Yeaaaaah, yeah
I like it
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