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Book of Mormon, The review

The musical from the creators of South Park? As much satirical as it sounds, it's also really funny. Who does not trust our word for it – please download at least a couple of seasons of the cartoon and you will boom out of laugh! Roughly the same thing its creators shoved into their Broadway’s baby. Almost the entire team that made the cartoon, including the producer, Scott Rudin, had a hand in the creation of this monumental masterpiece.

Besides the fact that there is present a large proportion of humor, there are also such things as the goodness of human values, stories about what is good and what is bad, and the possibility (and sometimes – necessity) to deviate from the canons of the Church, its Book’s truths and definite scripts to find the path to people to preach the faith. And they will be drawn to you with all their hearts. Even if it requires them to involve not so much a religion as a mixture of Star Wars and Hobbit, embellishing it with preacher’s bright filing and personal charisma. After all, how else, if not on merit of preacher, the appeal to religion of new people holds, where they don’t know anything of you before you came to them and this is all new and you are taken hostile?

Very good music – voices are strong and clear. It would be inexcusable otherwise, because the musical was developed for seven long years, which is an impressive figure for that. The musical has plenty of very much rude, crazy humor, offensive comparisons and the entire arsenal, which is accepted in the South Park show. So, if you somehow miraculously bought a ticket for this play, despite the fact that there are no tickets for closest several or even a dozen of shows in advance, you will be able to fully enjoy the thick humor without embellishment. But do not take offenses of the creators of the show personally – they did not want to offend anyone, when showed that religion and all its Books is a gargantuan drivel, from their point of view. You can stay with your own. Just enjoy the sparkling humor, occasionally writhing in laughter.
Last Update:March, 04th 2019

Book of Mormon, The Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Hello!
  3. Two By Two
  4. You And Me (But Mostly Me)
  5. Hasa Diga Eebowai
  6. Turn It Off
  7. I Am Here For You
  8. All-American Prophet
  9. Sal Tlay Ka Siti
  10. Man Up
  11. Act 2
  12. Making Things Up Again
  13. Spooky Mormon Hell Dream
  14. I Believe
  15. Baptize Me
  16. I Am Africa
  17. Joseph Smith American Moses
  18. Tomorrow Is A Latter Day

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