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Happy Endings lyrics

Happy Endings

Happy ending's all you know
Sing and dance your life away
It's time you realized
Real life is black and white
And heroes don't fly
Sometimes they cry

Times are changing for the better
Out there is a new Bombay
Human struggle, gritty drama
Stories with something to say

Your head's been in the clouds
Since I was a little girl
You brought me clothes to wear
But were never there

Your life has been one big parade
Because of all the deals I made
Yes, it's true, I had to mix
With men who are corrupt
But that's what you do
And so will you

Educating, stimulating
That's how movies could be

Gangsters lying, mothers crying
That's how movies should be

Motivating, penetrating
That's how movies could be

Heroes flying, villains dying
That's how movies could be

Happy ending's all you know

What's so wrong with happy endings?
Chance for people to escape

There are those who want to learn
There are those who like to think
And not every one
Lives to have fun

Happy ending's all you know
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