Bombay Dreams synopsis

Bombay Dreams synopsis

Bombay Dreams Synopsis - Broadway musical

Of course, this is a love story, but it unfolds not just about how two love each other, but it's pretty complicated. To begin with, the main character is the poor, live in slums and believe that he will be a great actor in Bollywood. Our hero, with a difficult Indian name Akaash, wins the local competition for the production of a new film, which allows him to make it and take into it the star of Indian cinema. He does this not only because of his ambitions, but because he has an urgent need to help his mother, who lives on leased land with him and all the village and dream of buying it. That is why money collected – they need a few millions, a sum that is unaffordable for poor people.

After filming and presentation of the motion picture, it turned out to be very successful. All congratulate our hero and now he lives in a big new house, betraying his own values for which does entire enterprise. This circumstance reminds his girl that he now rejects and despises because she may tell all to his new friends from the high society, from where he had originated. Of course, she was very offended by it. After he refused to shot her in his new film, she abandons him. Now Akaash does not want to defend his land, despite the fact that he has influence and money. Girls from his native environment are poor people who loved him, now wondering why he does so. After losing a court case, residents should prepare for the demolition of their village. New landowners decided to demolish it all right that night, not allowing anyone to move out and to get ready.

But when one of his friends killed another his best friend, because he knows that the first one has authorized the demolition of village, Akaash arrives to prevent it. Along the way, the future wife of the killer learns from Akaash what her fiancé did and refused to marry him, and he tries to kill Akaash for that, but is prevented from and taken away. And in order not to spoil such a good upcoming wedding, Akaash decides to get married to his new ex-girlfriend to start all over again.
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