Bombay Dreams review

Bombay Dreams review

Bombay Dreams Review - Broadway musical

In the play, or rather, in the scenery of the stage, at first you get surprised of the presence of the swastika. But then, if you're bright enough and advanced in matters of symbolism of the Eastern world, you realize that this character goes its blades not in a clockwise direction but against it. And so, it is not a swastika, but the symbol of peace, fertility and prosperity, and in general it is very common in Asia as a symbol of very positive energy.

However, this is not a musical about symbols. Can you imagine what the Bombay is? If you say that this is a very large city in India, then you'll be right on 5%. This is a huge human anthill, where people are constantly scurrying, streets are buoyant of cars and motorbikes with cyclists. Where it smells with myrrh, spices, street food, sweat of unwashed feet of dervishes, rose perfumes, cow's, milk and cakes, fried rice and maize with sweet potatoes, as well as sandals, sewage and rain. And that's just on the interval of 10 meters that you will pass on any street. Dodging cars will travel in the vicinity of 10 centimeters from you, rushing nimble rickshaws and motorbikes will drive even closer & threaten to shoot you down, if you're not quite dexterous, running across the road, trying not to bump into cows that are just everywhere. This is not to mention snakes, swarms of insects, cigarette butts that are thrown under the feet. Combine this with the buildings in the architecture of the colonial America, architectural deities of millennial traditions of India, and new buildings, which resemble gray cardboard boxes. Put on a picture emerges of the ubiquitous markets, when you are constantly attacked by ones trying to sell anything. Spice it with glamor boutiques, local poor lying on the ground and juicy spots on everyone’s foreheads. And to top it, add capacious hum of the city, which is constantly moving – conditioned, beep-beeping, full of loud conversations, phone calls, flying birds, the sounds of trading tourists and mooing of cows. And you get about 50% of understanding what is Bombay. For a 100%, visit and see it. And that's the kind of atmosphere we do not get from this musical. It showed the other side of the life of Indians – beautiful & luxurious. Where people are wrapped in turbans, brocade & silk and wear funny shoes with the toes up. Where dancing is the main component of their lives and resolving of issues. Where there is no true suffering, only bright appearance of artists, smiling tanned people, colorful saris and gilded hats, gushing beauty and mesmerizing choreography.

This bright musical event many critics praise, saying mostly good things, which means success. Musical captivates with its organic and that the sum of its parts is a more than one. The synergy involves actors, dance, music, their bright costumes and exotic appearance. Damn, it is simply delightful, without giving any thought even for a moment that you're bored. On the contrary, you are haunted by the thought that the general tone of it can be summed up in the expression "gracefully and stylishly".
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