Famous lyrics - Bombay Dreams

Famous lyrics


A movie star must look the part
That's why it's called performing art
You have to work out every day
A camera's never far away

You must develop cool mystique
A boyish charm, a fine physique
You have to work until you drop
That's how you reach the top
Are you quite sure you want to be famous?

There's nothing with how I look
Well, not much anyway
Life's much tougher in the slum
So please help me to become famous

The public want their stars to be
Part hero and part fantasy
A poet who can play the clown
A leader who will not back down

A perfect love, a __ son
A role model for everyone
A man who still finds time to pray
And never goes astray
Are you quite sure you want to be famous?

Okay, I'll try to play the part
If you watch over me

You'll need more than me to hold your hand
'Cause it is not a picnic being famous
Famous, famous, famous
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