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Two Men in My Life lyrics

Two Men in My Life

(Sandra Bloom)

There are two men in my life

Him and you

There are two men who’ll be speaking

When I’m through

There are few men like your dad

Not easy to define

I know he isn’t perfect

But he’s mine

There are two men in my life

Him and you

And I never want to choose between the two

He distorts and he invents

Some stories don’t make sense

But why should that confuse you

Why not let the man amuse you’

He tells a harmless tale

That always drives you mad

But aren’t you telling stories too

Your point of view

Just different from your dad

There are two men in my life

Him and you

And the stories I believe in

All come true

He can give you what you need

But you should take the lead

There is magic in the man

Please find it while you can

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