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How It Ends lyrics

How It Ends


I've seen this all before
When I was just a child
I met a witch who took a bow
And showed me how it ended
We stood here on the shore
The air was sweet and mild
With disbelief
Implausibly suspended

And in my child's imagination
I remember you
Though I didn't know
If we were foes or friends
But now you're standing here
I see the vision coming clear
I know exactly how this ends

It ends with you
It ends with me
It ends the way a story's ending
Is supposed to be
A bit insane
A touch of pane
Adeptly told
Yet uncontrolled

It ends with faith
It ends with love
It ends with water in the river
And the sun above
Part epic tale
Part fire sale
But all sincere
And standing here

I know I wasn't perfect
I know my life was small
I know that I pretended that
I knew it all
But when you tell my story
And I hope somebody does
Remember me as something
Bigger than I was

It ends with sons
It ends with wives
It ends with knowing
When the pavement bends
We find our lives
So let it come
And let me go
Show me the waves
And let them flow
It all ends well
This much I know
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How It Ends
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