Ashton's Favorite Son lyrics - Big Fish

Ashton's Favorite Son lyrics

Ashton's Favorite Son

Edward Bloom you're Ashton's favorite son,
yes you are!
Edward Bloom just look at what you've done,
Hero of the baseball diamond,
hits a homerun!

Champion of the science fair,

He's a number one!
Captain of the student council,
wins the debate!
Always knows exactly what to say!
Football hero too,
look what he can do!
Ashton's favorite son in every way!

(Townsfolk Cheer)

He's the man I treasure,
He's the man I'll wed.
Though he doesn't know it yet,
he'll be with me until we're dead!
Jenny Hill no more will be my name,
and I've handsome Edward Bloom to blame!


Edward Bloom,
our favorite son!

Last Update: October, 28th 2020

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