Independent(On My Own) lyrics - Bells Are Ringing

Independent(On My Own) lyrics

Independent(On My Own)

You gotta do it,
You gotta do it,
Gotta do it all alone.
Just listen to me,
That's the way to be.

Independent, self-sufficient,
Got nobody to rely on,
Independent, self-reliant,
Crave no shoulder I can cry on,
Now I'm living,
I'm on my own.
Going it alone.
I don't need anyone,
And no one needs me.
No need for anyone
To help me mix martinis,
Roast the weenies,
Bake the bleenies,
Now that I'm free.
Self-sufficient, self-supporting,
Traveling light and flying solo,
Ev'ry day is Independence Day.
Free and easy,
Blithe and breezy,
Going it alone,
I'm independent
And on my own.
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