Bells Are Ringing synopsis

Bells Are Ringing Synopsis - Broadway musical

This musical may have occurred in the way as the story goes below only at a time when there were no automated telephone companies. Ella is a worker of one of these and connects customers with each other, listens to them talking, their lives and dreams herself of the fact that her private life would not be so dull and drab. (A lot of time will pass before people will be jealous of their privacy, to give it up after some years to exchange it for the full openness of social networks). She reflects herself being on the places of many of her clients. And she falls in love with one of them, not knowing anything about him, except of his voice.

One of her clients, the writer of the play, asks her to wake him up early, and it turns so that she becomes a co-author of his play. She also accidentally overhears a friend of Susanswerphone company owner who wants to crank out a dirty little business with the help of the company and informs the group of his gang of this. But she does nothing about it.

Ella, although initially thought she would never meet with any of her clients, eventually goes home to the writer, to help him make a play. Along the way, she slows down by the police officer who believes that the telephone company is only to cover the escort services. But, failing to prove anything on the ground, releases her. Of course, Ella falls in love with the writer eventually.

Some time after, Ella goes to the party to her new beloved, but his friends at the party are pretty boring rich snobs and she feels uncomfortable there and leaves. Yet Jeff offers her a marriage and she agrees and dismissed from her job. A gangster, who wanted to use the telephone company for his machinations, is arrested by the police.
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