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This is Life lyrics

This is Life

If we were in an MGM film,
We would kiss and walk through that door there.
If we were in a radio play,
We’d admit we’re friends, but there’s more there.

If we were singing Hammerstein songs,
We could fix all the wrongs in rhyme.
But this is life, with a heartache it brings and
We know that these things take time.

If we were in a Hemingway book,
We would laugh and drink till the morning.
If this were a ballet, then I might sweep
You off your feet without warning.

Or filmed noir with a dangerous affair,
I would ask if you’d care to stay.
But this is life, and I’m wondering if
We should play it a different way.

Maybe perfect nights of celebration,

Hotel hallway brief flirtations.
Might be overrated

Might be overrated, life’s more complicated.
We could write our own take on it.

Or leave well enough, alone.

Shake on it.

Shake on it.

No one planned for a moment like this,
There's no perfect script that provides us.
Words to say or the answers that might
Overcome the past that divides us.

Movie stars with the passions they feel,
Somehow in the last reel unite

You know.

That's right.

But this is life, so at least for today,
We should probably say, good night.

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