As Thousands Cheer review

As Thousands Cheer Review - Broadway musical

The secret of the success of the musical became hard humor that linked the plot with provocative headlines and the names of celebrities.

With the return of the musical and there were talks about the returning of that stinging headlines, but now critics have come to the conclusion that nowadays the jokes are much angrier. Perhaps the point is not in a bad sense of humor, but rather in the influence of time. In those days, it was easier to be known as evil satirist, whereas now it can hardly surprise anyone.

The new version is much softer. It lasts for a little bit over an hour. During this time, we can see the great songs and dances, although there are fewer than in the first version.

Replacements of songs seem to be very worthy. For example, one of the original songs of the composer in its amended form blends harmoniously with the ending, reminding us of the Great Depression’s time. This enthusiasm transforms musical into a window of awakening. Listening and remembering versions of the songs on the piano, the incomparable "Heat", we are transported at a time. Again the voice of the legendary "Harlem", Paris premiere and the very significant headlines that made the whole country to talk about.

One of the most successful examples of controversial is recognized caption associated with the legendary Gandhi. His call in the midst of a hunger strike has become a kind of motto for the whole show. Along with this, we can see the history of Hoover and his wife, leaving the White House. The image of Roosevelt is involved into these scenes.

The creators are not afraid to make fun of once taboo subjects, ironically beating and showing us the real situation. The legendary Rockefeller also is in some scenes, snatched his role as one of the main figures of that times.

The ending is amazing, as it should be. We hear a song that has not yet been sung – it turns our whole idea of the play. It is easy to travel back in time to the 30s and realize that idea is firstly is all in the money, not a massacre.
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