Assassins synopsis

Assassins synopsis

Assassins Synopsis - Broadway musical

The play about the people who killed several different people, including couple of presidents of USA, among which is Lincoln. One of them, John Wilkes Booth, during the course of the play was depicted as insane, who, above any lofty motives for the murder, just wanted to harm his country and disrupt its social structure. Yes, he was not used to changes, and they became so numerous during the civil war that the mind of the little man could not bear it.

One of the assassins, who tried to kill Roosevelt, killed another person in his place – the mayor of the city – and did not repent of his deeds. On the contrary, he was glad that he had killed someone, "who controls the money". According to him, it was good. Being executed on the electric chair, he no longer preached his vile ideas.

The next killer talked about anarchy, and what, in his opinion, may be called as "social justice". Their minions talk about the human qualities of Charles Manson, enjoying their own vices. Some of them knew Charles at school. And someone uses posters with Colonel Sanders as a target in a shooting gallery, only shoot him with martial bullets.

Gradually, with the increase of a degree of discontent with communal system in which they live, those who show us through a series of scenes on the stage, get the audience to the fact that they all converge to the murder of the president of USA as the only viable solution. One of these fanatics kills President McKinley.

In the play, we also meet inhumane Lee Harvey Oswald, who is considered almost a god be participants. But what amazes truly, happens at the end of the show – all on the scene charge their guns and shoot at the audience.
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