Anyone Can Whistle review

Anyone Can Whistle Review - Broadway musical

Despite the extremely illogical plot, lots of unrelated current events, as well as amazingly negative experience of performances on Broadway, the show here and there, throughout 1964 and up to 2010, in various countries, was resumed and brought back to life. However, from 1964 to 1990 it was a big break for 26 years, when it was truly forgotten. In its format, it is an attempt of satire at multiple things of our everyday life – greed, the inability to carry on business, religion, psychology, opportunism, politics and even tourism. Attempts to ridicule were clumsily woven trying to tell that raising of some ordinaries, totally unimportant things to the rank of worship is unnecessary. For example, the fact that someone does not know how to whistle, and should worry about it. Why does someone need to be oppressed by this circumstance in real life, if this inability doesn’t add nor take your points in the race for survival? There are some attempts to be funny, to become even a cult thing (and some call it like that). But, excuse me, how can something be a cult, if it is terribly unpopular? Cult thing is something that is the object of worship of the masses. And if no one knows of musical except the theater worms who consistently try to re-start the show, but they never get more than a couple dozen of shows. Then why try so stubbornly to fail again and again?

In music, there is a mixture of the same, like vinaigrette in plot. At closer look, some critics are obvious that the action really happens in a psychiatric hospital, where absolutely all without exception are psychos. And viewers are either accomplices or bystanders, as on the other side of the glass. But this is one side of the though. There are other interpretations. For example, they think as theater directors simply periodically subtly mock the audience, performing a musical in which everything is good, in general, from the costumes to the lighting, except of the story – it does not exist, and the actors just mock on the stage with a pretty good music.

Critics, however, note the high interest that gives the show and excellent play of actors and it all deserves permanent resurrections. They note that this show isn’t promise the commercial success, but the outstanding elements, which is inherent to all that is happening on stage, cover all the negative aspects. Of course, the public knows better – they simply ignore this musical and it seems as if hall entirely filled with alone critics, which then write admiring odes to this strange product.

Behind the admiration and rather pompous words, advertising of the show is hidden, we believe (stream of activity that is raised before the next show is planned) – and nothing farer words happen – there is not a single really delighted response from the audience. Why? Because the world is already similar to a mental hospital and going somewhere to look at is the same, but in the square – only for true theater masochists.
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