Annie Get Your Gun synopsis

Annie Get Your Gun Synopsis - Broadway musical

Charlie Davenport, who is the organizer of the show of shooters, does one next to the Wilson House hotel, in Cincinnati and the hotel’s manager is furious due to this because of some personal reasons. The main male character in the play is Frank Butler – he's one of the shooters, participating the show. After Wilson, owner of the hotel, met with the newcomer, Annie Oakley, who shown herself as an excellent shooter, he incite her to oppose the Frank Butler, without revealing all the secrets that he is also very good.

Annie Oakley cannot read or write, and only counts to 20, and even with the help of her sisters and brother. But that does not prevent her from being fascinated by Frank, who, in turn, crushed on Annie, and now they are considering shooting. Annie wins the competition and Charlie Wilson hires her working in the show. Then Annie begins to learn to read and write under the leadership of Frank, who protects her, and she obtains more love crush. Then Charlie & Buffalo Bill persuade Annie to perform stunt riding on a motorcycle with shooting, and she agrees. Because of concern for her, Frank does not want that she would participate, but the stunting is still on, and the local rich Indian named Sitting Bull, amazed how well-armed shooter she is, wishes to adopt her and Annie agrees. After the show and ceremony of adoption, Annie receives a letter from Frank, saying that he left doing other show, along with Dolly and it devastates Annie.

Months later, the show, which involved Annie, have become broke and she gets good news that shows of her ex, Frank, subsidized by the government, and it turned out that both shows can be merged together, to be under one brand, and she agrees to see Frank. After the pair meets, Frank proposes her, and they start talking about the wedding, but immediately found differences because he wanted a small ceremony, and she – a huge one. And so they decide to find out who is the best shooter to reconcile the format of the ceremony. Papa Bull messed up her gun, so she lost her future husband, succumbed to his ego, in order not to separate him, and she eventually loses competition and their shows got together and the two of them are together forever.
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