Andrew Lloyd Webber Divas synopsis

Andrew Lloyd Webber Divas Synopsis - Broadway musical

This is not an independent musical. This is a selection of 15 fantastic songs from various musicals, films, and performances, which are united by the fact that they were made by a living legend Andrew Lloyd Webber during his career. Of course, his authorship includes even more, but these 15 songs are the best-known amongst of all his works. Songs-monuments, songs-fantastic, songs-colossuses. Is anyone can forget chic Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, which was so masterfully performed in Evita by unsurpassed Madonna? Only her voice could create such sound, a fusion of the divine and the earthly. If Betty Buckley is subject to any neglect, which in one of the long-stayers of Broadway, Cats, performed her "Memory"? Sunset Boulevard is represented in this collection with two tunes – Surrender and As If We Never Said Goodbye.

Nostalgic selection gives the fans and simple likers of the talent of Andrew Lloyd Webber many colossally pleasant moments, shipshape gathered in one place, so different and sung by so incredibly talented performers.

There is the greatest contrast between appearance and voice of Katherine Jenkins, from the brightest alto of whom you simply can go crazy! She coincides with her voice much better than the world-famous diva from The Fifth Element movie.
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