And Juliet synopsis

And Juliet synopsis

And Juliet Synopsis - Broadway musical

A play within a play, & Juliet follows William Shakespeare and his wife Anne Hathaway as they rewrite and act out his famous tale of star crossed lovers Romeo & Juliet.

In their newly revised version, Juliet opts not to take her own life upon finding her lover seemingly dead and instead creates a whole new life for herself.

The plot follows Juliet along with her nurse Angelique and new friends May and April – written into the story by Anne – as they head to Paris.

There they find themselves at a ball thrown by Lance (who has history with Angelique) for his son Francois to find a wife. With Juliet’s parents planning to send her to a convent and Francois’ father wanting him to head to the army, the pair decide to elope.

As Anne and William fight over the direction of the plot, Francois and May share a kiss while Romeo returns from the dead to win back Juliet.

The second act follows the couples as things come to a dramatic conclusion at a wedding for Francois and Juliet where the characters lay bare their true feelings.

Ultimately Juliet & Romeo enjoy a new beginning, May & Francois end up together and Lance & Angelique are wed – while Anne & William celebrate their new play and renewed relationship.
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