American Idiot synopsis

American Idiot synopsis

American Idiot Synopsis - Broadway musical

The story of a certain group of teenagers, spending their time in vain, living with boring days – where everything is endlessly repeated – TV, despair, idleness, lack of desire and no-wannabe to develop and go somewhere to do something. One of them, Will, has a girl and she turns out pregnant. Although his friends, Johnny and Tunny (with nearly indistinguishable names like the symbolism of the fact that all the faceless in today's world) leave to a small town, to try & find themself (forgetting or not knowing that when you're trying to escape from yourself, you still take you with you).

With the songs Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Are We the Waiting, the hero of Tunny decides to go to the army, because he does not know where to apply himself in this world, what to focus his efforts on and seduced by continuous television advertising (which calls for the army, describing it the best place). Yes, the army can make a tough guy from gruel, to instill an iron will or it may completely brake you and make you return home. Army can even kill you, because there is a chance that you will go to war.

St. Jimmy is a character whom we find from the same man who plays Johnny – he is his alter-ego, a drug dealer and no saint at all. Under the influence of such a schizophrenic split of personality, which appears due to idleness, he uses strong illegal substance, which begins to influence his life in abnormal way. At this time, our concerns about the incompetence of the army in terms of maintaining the integrity of the physiological embodiment justified – our antihero, Tunny, goes to war, where he was wounded. And in the fictional town of Jingletown Will meanwhile toils of longing and expectation of the upcoming baby.

Next is a long story about the joint use of psychoactive drugs, physical love, separation, recovery of Tunny in hospital, returning home after amputation, with a very good girl. Johnny is released from his alter-ego and drug addiction, knowing that he must reconcile himself to live on.
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