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Album lyrics:
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  2. Grumpy Mood
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  6. Mambo Malaysian 
  7. Sparks 
  8. Adrift In Macao
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  11. The Chase 
  12. I'm Actually Irish 
  13. Ticky Ticky Tock 

Grumpy Mood lyrics

Grumpy Mood

In a foreign city
In a grumpy mood
I've just arrived from somewhere
Need a place, and need some food
Won't carry too much with me
It's okay sleeping nude
But that's too much information
For a grumpy mood

Can't go home so I must wonder
As to the reason, I don't wanna say
Travelin' though here, there, and yonder
Travelin' is fine but gee I'm missin'
The good old U.S.A.

In a foreign city
In a grumpy mood
I need some relaxation
Need to stare a bit and brood
It's raining, I've a headache
and I've got an attitude
'Cause I'm in a foreign city in a slinky dress
I mean a grumpy mood
A grumpy, grouchy, mood!
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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