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Album lyrics:
  1. Just Go to the Movies
  2. Famous Feet Famous Feet Video
  3. I Love a Film Cliche I Love a Film Cliche Video
  4. Nelson
  5. The Best in the World
  6. It All Comes Out of the Piano It All Comes Out of the Piano Video
  7. Ain't We Got Fun
  8. Too Marvelous for Words
  9. Japanese Sandman 
  10. On the Good Ship Lollipop
  11. Double Trouble Double Trouble Video
  12. Louise
  13. Sleepy Time Gal
  14. Beyond the Blue Horizon
  15. Thanks for the Memory Thanks for the Memory Video
  16. Another Memory 
  17. Doin' the Production Code Doin' the Production Code Video
  18. A Night in the Ukraine A Night in the Ukraine Video
  19. Samovar the Lawyer Samovar the Lawyer Video
  20. Just Like That Just Like That Video
  21. Again
  22. A Duel! A Duel! 
  23. Natasha Natasha Video
  24. A Night in the Ukraine (Reprise) 

Sleepy Time Gal lyrics

Sleepy Time Gal

Sleepy time gal,
You're turning night into day,
Sleepy time gal,
You've danced the evening away.
Before each silvery star
Fades out o' sight,
Just give me one little kiss,
Then let us whisper goodnight.

It's gettin' late and dear, your pillow's waitin'!

Sleepy time gal,
When all your dancin' is through,
Sleepy time gal,
I'll find a cottage for you.
You'll learn to cook and to sew,
What's more, you'll love it I know
When you're a stay at home,
Play at home,
Eight o'clock sleepy time gal.

And "Ten Little Fingers And Ten Little Toes",
"Oh What A Pal Was Mary" and "Margie" and "Secondhand Rose",
"Alice Blue Gown" and "Sometimes I'm Happy" and "Do It Again",
And "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "Stouthearted Men".

To continue,
"If I Had The Wings Of An Angel" and "Dinah",
Or "Love Me Or Leave Me" or "Constantinople",
Songs about Susie and Sal,
Not to mention
A stay at home,
Play at home,
Eight o'clock sleepy time gal.
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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