A Day in Hollywood / A Night in the Ukraine (musical) (lyrics, songs)

A Day in Hollywood on its 1st part is about singing, dancing and their numbers are done by bailiffs in Gruman's Chinese Theater. So is the first half of the exhibit there are characteristic tunes, dancing numbers each accomplished by a bunch of people. A plenty of parts are soaked with spirit of colossal musicals of the silver screens.

This performance totally lived through more than 165 shows on West End until it had retired, since March 1979. Broadway's opening it experienced on May, 1980 and one year ago it was closed after almost 600 shows. Fellows with almost the same names, Tommy Tune & Thommie Walsh - were those who directed and choreographed it all the time.

Tony Walton performed the scenic design. Totally 24 tracks of funny and sad musical direction is what may be highlighted in this piece.
Release date: 1980
Last Update:July, 25th 2016

A Day in Hollywood / A Night in the Ukraine lyrics list

  1. Just Go to the Movies Lyrics
  2. Famous Feet Lyrics Famous Feet Video  add
  3. I Love a Film Cliche Lyrics I Love a Film Cliche Video  add
  4. Nelson Lyrics
  5. The Best in the World Lyrics
  6. It All Comes Out of the Piano Lyrics It All Comes Out of the Piano Video  add
  7. Ain't We Got Fun Lyrics
  8. Too Marvelous for Words Lyrics
  9. Japanese Sandman Lyrics   add
  10. On the Good Ship Lollipop Lyrics
  11. Double Trouble Lyrics Double Trouble Video  add
  12. Louise Lyrics
  13. Sleepy Time Gal Lyrics
  14. Beyond the Blue Horizon Lyrics
  15. Thanks for the Memory Lyrics Thanks for the Memory Video  add
  16. Another Memory Lyrics   add
  17. Doin' the Production Code Lyrics Doin' the Production Code Video  add
  18. A Night in the Ukraine Lyrics A Night in the Ukraine Video  add
  19. Samovar the Lawyer Lyrics Samovar the Lawyer Video  add
  20. Just Like That Lyrics Just Like That Video  add
  21. Again Lyrics
  22. A Duel! A Duel! Lyrics   add
  23. Natasha Lyrics Natasha Video  add
  24. A Night in the Ukraine (Reprise) Lyrics   add
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