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Melisande lyrics



Now once upon a time, so they tell us,
Somewhere beneath the mountains of Mexico,
There dwelt a royal fella, King Hamlet,
Who had a turtledove and he loved her so.

Her name was Melisande and I tell you,
That lady was as pretty as she could be.
But Melisande was bothered,
So Hamlet starts to plead,
‘Tell me what you need,’
And Melisande whispers:

‘I got me a dream!
I’ve always wanted this golden fleece.
And I think I will die
Unless it is mine!’

‘Great Godamighty!’
Says Hamlet,
‘I sympathize!

Great Godamighty!
You take and you dry your eyes!
I’m gonna get you whatever you ask of me!
I’m gonna get you the goldenest fleece
In the world!’

So he gets a bunch of fellas together,
And out into the ocean away they go,
And after they have traveled for ages,
They come upon the place where the ogres grow.
And sure enough they spy ‘em a giant,
A-sittin’ there a-guardin’ that golden fleece,
And Hamlet says, ‘I warn you’
You best give that to me,
Do it peaceably,
My Melisande needs it!

She’s got her a dream.
She’s always wanted a golden fleece.
And I’m ready to die
For that piece of twine!’

‘Great Godamighty!’
The giant he raves and swears.
‘Great Godamighty!’
You better go say your prayers.
I’m gonna slice you and put you into the stew!
I’m gonna cook you!’
And both of them started to fight!

(STARBUCK swordfights the GIANT. At first he is wounded in the shoulder and all seems lost.
Then, with a mighty final effort, he manages to reach up high and stab the GIANT.)

And when he came back, all bleedin’ and torn,
he went and laid that fleece of gold right down at her pretty feet.
And she took that fur piece and wrapped it around her naked shoulders, and she said:

‘I had me a dream’
I always wanted a golden fleece.
And now that it is mine,
I’ll never be cold no more!
Never be cold no more’’


What a woman!
What a name!

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