110 in the Shade synopsis

110 in the Shade synopsis

110 in the Shade Synopsis - Broadway musical

July 4, 1936. Residents constantly peering into the sky in a small Texas town, but they searched for the rain clouds out there in vain. Prolonged drought threatened to destroy the entire crop. Rancher H. C. Curry expected not only the appearance of life-giving water, but also the return of his daughter Lizzie, who went to visit family friends in the hope to find a husband there. The trip was fruitless for a girl again – her intellect again has pushed all possible cavaliers away. The father together with his sons Jim and Noah decided to invite the sheriff File for an annual picnic on the occasion of Independence Day. H. C. Curry hoped that a single man would pay attention to his pretty daughter. Lizzie agreed to meet with possible fan, but the sheriff was not disposed to rest. Thoughts of a guard were occupied with outcast Tornado Johnson, who was heading towards their city. File admitted that he mends his clothes oneself, so he does not need a woman.

Curry brothers went away, but their father stayed at the sheriff’s. He knew that a wife abandoned File. The farmer saw the loneliness of a man, but the sheriff was angry because of the slightest mention of it. Frustrated H. C. Curry left the officer alone. During mass picnic, Lizzie learned that File would not come. Brother tried to cheer upset woman – he advised her to behave with men more flirty. Lizzie said she needed a spouse who would not pay attention to such things. Soon there was a handsome stranger on a picnic. He announced that he was a caller of rain named Starbuck. For $100, the man had promised to make the long-awaited rain falling during the day. H. C. Curry gave him the money, although his daughter said he was a scam. In response, Starbuck doubted that she was a woman.

Suddenly, the sheriff appeared at a picnic. File admitted Lizzie that he was not a widower, but abandoned husband. Involuntary indiscretion of a girl, slipped in a conversation, made him leave the picnic. After Noah said that her sister would have a future of the old maid, she was horrified. At dusk of the arrived evening, Lizzie headed to the tent of Starbuck. The man encouraged her to strive to fulfill her dreams, but she said she had too grounded dreams. Disagreeing with her, Starbuck asked her to look at herself impartially. Lizzie unleashed her hair and the man said that she must admit her own beauty. Succumbed to these words, the girl spent the night of love with Starbuck. Meanwhile, Jim and Noah decided to start searching for their sister. H. C. stopped them, though he knew where his daughter was. A wise father wanted her to have an opportunity to get a bit of happiness.

Starbuck admitted the girl he has never caused the rain, although would have wanted to do it. Lizzie warned him that he couldn’t constantly be in the clouds. The man noticed that the person cannot live without dreams. Soon a girl returned to her father and brothers. She announced that she had a fan. Suddenly, sheriff came to the Curry family. File arrived to arrest the fraudster. H. C. and his sons tried to persuade the guard not to touch Starbuck. Taking advantage of the moment, the rain caller persuaded Lizzie to run with him on a trip. Only then, the sheriff realized he could lose the girl he had started to love already. The man asked Miss Curry to stay with him. After considering both proposals, she made her choice. When Starbuck left the city, around the area sounded the thunder. Lizzie and File happily met the long awaited rain that marked the beginning of their relationship.
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