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Xanadu Lyrics

The libretto was written by D. C. Beane. Songs composed J. Farrar and J. Lynne. In April 2006, in the New World Stages passed test performance of a piece. The production was undertaken by director C. Ashley. In the show was such cast: K. Butler, A. Tudyk, B. Porter, A. Golden, M. Testa, M. B. Davis & C. Huffman. In August 2006, Manhattan seen another test performance under the direction of C. Ashley. The performance had cast: J. Krakowski, B. Vereen, C. Jackson, M. Testa, A. Golden & L. Switzer. Try-outs on Broadway began in May 2007. The musical was held in Helen Hayes Theatre from July 2007 until the end of September 2008, with 49 preliminaries and 512 regular performances. Production was carried out by director C. Ashley and choreographer D. Knechtges. The actors were: K. Butler, C. Jackson, T. Roberts, J. Hoffman, M. Testa & C. Holbrook.

In 2008-2009 and in 2009-2010 were 2 national tours with M. von Essen and E. Stanley as main heroes. In August 2011, a new version of the play was exhibited in the Starlight Theatre. It was developed by director and choreographer D. Knechtges. The cast was: E. Stanley, D. Ritchie, K. Niven, A. Golden & A. Korey. In November 2015, Southwark Playhouse hosted the British version of the show. Production was carried out by the director P. W. Griffin and choreographed N. M. Wright. The performance included these actors: C. Anderson, A. Jiear, S. Edwards, L. Connolly, M. Richardson, J. Burman & N. Duncan. In May 2016 in Hayes Theatre premiered the Australian version. It was developed by director and choreographer N. M. Wright. Actors were: J. Hadwen, R. Thomas, A. Melham, J. Westaby, J. Maxfield & K. Hoyos. The theatrical had also been shown in Seoul and Tokyo.
Release date: 2007
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