Xanadu synopsis

Xanadu synopsis

Xanadu Synopsis - Broadway musical

Muse Clio has decided to help her artist, staying on the verge of despair because of the failed fresco. She announced her sisters that under the guise of an ordinary girl Kira, she will inspire young man on a masterpiece. Having decided not to be different from the mortal people, muse wore roller skates and leg warmers. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, artist Sonny was trying to decide to commit suicide on a pier. Kira stopped him and returned the self-confidence. The young man told the girl of his dream to open a roller disco. When the muse returned briefly to the gods, Melpomene accused sister that she fell in love with the man and she wants to create a work of art herself. Clio has rejected it, because she knew – Zeus forbids such interference. When muse returned to the ground, Melpomene and Calliope decided to disrupt the plans of sister. They were jealous of her future reward named Xanadu, which thunderer promised to give to Clio, though no one knew what it was.

Sonny and Kira found an old theater, suitable for roller disco. Seeing that it was formerly called Xanadu, muse understood – this house was a sign from above. Meeting the owner was unsuccessful – Danny did not want to give the building to a young man. When an artist has left, Kira recalled businessman that many years ago he wanted to open the doll theater. Suddenly, Danny realized how much a girl is similar to his partner, for which he has built this building. Kira persuaded the man to give Sonny a chance to realize his dream. Having met with the artist in Xanadu, Danny agreed to provide the building if they would make an order there in one day. He also promised to give the young man 25% of future profits. Sonny asked Kira to make a drawing for the theater. Muse helped the artist, doing something herself for the first time in life. Taking advantage of the situation, Melpomene and Calliope brought love spell upon a sister. With the help of the rest of the muses, Kira was able to restore the theater.

Arriving in 24 hours, Danny said that the condition was fulfilled and now Sonny can do disco in the building. Suddenly Hermes handed Clio a message from Zeus – the muse had to return to Olympus and to answer for her misdeeds. Kira told her beloved that she had to leave. Soon she came to the fresco depicting the muses-sisters and admitted in her mistakes. Posing as a businessman engaged in the construction of real estate, Melpomene offered Danny a lot of money for the theater. After some hesitation, he agreed so the building to be demolished. When an artist came to the fresco, muse admitted that her name was Clio and she told him about her origins. Sonny thought the girl had not everything right with her head. Melpomene and Calliope said that her sister is under the spell of love right now. Clio refused to believe in the falsehood of her feelings. The artist doubted the sincerity of the muse, and they quarreled.

When the goddess left, there was Danny. Words of the sale of the theater did not touch Sonny, as he did not care anymore. Seeing Clio flying away on a winged horse, businessman realized that she was his partner many years ago. Danny rushed to rescue the theater from destruction, and the artist has decided to fight with Zeus and return the beloved. Arriving at Olympus, muse asked forgiveness for her misdeeds. Surprisingly, the spell had no effect on the Clio and she really loved Sonny. Wives of Zeus asked for leniency to the muse. When the artist came to Olympus, he called the supreme god to the battle. Zeus was struck by his courage. Clio said – she did not need immortality, she only wants to be next to Sonny. Declaring that they both received Xanadu – the ability to create and to love – thunderer let boy and girl be.
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