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White Christmas Lyrics

Libretto wrote P. Blake & D. Ives. Songs composed by Irving Berlin. The world opening night was in the mid of 2000 in Muny Theater. Director C. Repole & choreographer T. Walsh have created this performance. This play included the following actors: H. Keel, K. Mason, L. R. Reams, L. Teeter & L. Kennedy. In the last two months of 2004, the histrionics was held in Currant Theatre. This version had director W. Bobbie & choreographer R. Skinner. Histrionics involved: J. Denman, A. Barzee, M. Patterson, C. Dean, B. d'Arcy James & H. R. Kornfeld. In 2006-2007 started the first Britain voyage with the following cast: C. McLachlan, R. Stanley, E. K. Nelson & T. Flavin. In 2007-2008 was started the 2nd UK voyage. From November 2008 to January 2009 was exhibited the Broadway production, with 12 preliminaries & 53 regular shows. This resurrection had been developed by R. Skinner & W. Bobbie. The actors’ list consisted of: S. Bogardus, J. Denman, K. O'Malley & M. Patterson.

From Nov. 2009 to Jan. 2010, the Marquis Theatre hosted an updated version of the show. There were 13 preliminaries & 51 regular performances. The actors’ list was: J. Clow, T. Yazbeck, M. Davi & M. Errico. In 2009-2010 was started the third UK tour with the following actors: A. Jones, S. Shaw, A. Cooper, L. Plowright & R. Stanley. In 2010-2011 took place the fourth UK voyage with actors: T. Chambers, A. Cooper, R. Stanley & L. Bowden. In November 2014, Dominion Theatre hosted the premiere of West End performance. The play had cast: T. Chambers, A. Jones, R. Stanley & L. Bowden. In 2014-2015 was started the first North American voyage. Production realized director & choreographer R. Skinner. The musical had this cast: J. Benton, J. Clow, K. Davidson & T. Moldovan. The show was nominated for several awards.
Release date: 2008
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