White Christmas synopsis

White Christmas synopsis

White Christmas Synopsis - Broadway musical

On Christmas Eve in 1944, 151 American division of soldiers located on the European continent arranged a gala evening. It was prepared by Captain Bob Wallace and Private Phil Davis. On the feast came General Waverley. He was sent into retirement because of injury, but he was still loved by his subordinates. 10 years later, Bob Wallace and Phil Davis became the stars of American television and theater. They performed with their songs in different shows. One time their teammate asked them to watch the music number of his sisters Betty and Judy. The girls made a great impression on the men. Phil and Judy noticed that between Bob and Betty appeared sympathetic feeling. They decided to assist in the enhancement of these feelings. The sisters had to perform at Christmas in Vermont. Bob and Phil went there together with them. Arriving in town, they noticed that there still was no snow. Because of this, vacationers left all hotels.

Friends were staying at a hotel, which was owned by a retired General Waverley. Concierge Martha hid from her master unpaid bills, hoping to improve the situation in the business. After learning about the problems of the former chief, Bob and Phil decided to make a festive show in the hotel. Granddaughter Susan came for Christmas to Mr. Waverley. She was worried about her grandfather, as he again tried to get onto the army’s service. Meanwhile, rehearsals of next concerto began. The relationship between Bob and Betty moved into a more serious stage. Soon, the hotel received a message from Ralph Sheldrake. Wallace's friend helped to organize a meeting of ex-soldiers of 151 division, to support General. Martha misunderstood his words and decided that Bob wanted to take away the hotel from Waverley. When the concierge shared their assumptions with Betty, the girl started to treat her lover colder.

Soon she went to New York with her sister, where she was offered a job. General learned of the overdue accounts and was very angry with Martha. When the girl did not appear at the rehearsal, Bob and Phil were forced to execute music numbers instead of her. Wallace then went after his beloved. Meeting Betty in New York, Bob tried to convince her that he is a decent man. Later, she realized her mistake. She found out – Ralph was not a real estate businessman, as Martha thought, but a television producer. With the help of the show of Ed Sullivan, former captain invited the comrades from the 151 division to come to Vermont and to support General Waverley. Soon, Bob received a music box as a gift – Betty apologized for the mistake and admitted that she loved him. When the holiday fest started, in the hotel arrived soldiers of 151 division along with their wives. The General was very happy to see them. He decided not to return to the army, and to pay more attention to his business. Soon a snow began in Vermont, and people celebrated a white Christmas.
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