Princess and the Frog Musical Lyrics

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Princess and the Frog Lyrics

This animated movie contains the features of musical, comedy and romantic film. It was created and released in 2009 by famous Walt Disney Pictures. This production is originally based upon the book by E. Baker. His novel also has its origin. It's based on fairy-tale by Brothers Grimm. The musical was co-directed by R. Clements and J. Musker, who were also creators of such masterpieces as ‘Aladdin’ & ‘The Little Mermaid’. Voice actors include such actors as A. N. Rose, O. Winfrey, B. Campos, J. Goodman, M. L. Wooley, J. Cummings, P. Bartlett, K. David, J. Lewis, T. Howard & J. Cody. The movie was a kind of return to classical animation. The creators used a traditional Broadway format for their show. The wonderful music was created by R. Newman, who is widely famous for his cooperation with Pixar. It is also revival of the traditions to take famous stories as basis for cartoons.

The production was originally called ‘The Frog Princess’. But the critics didn’t like the title and ideas (including names and professions of characters). In 2007, the show was changed. O. Winfrey became a technical consultant for the production and the voice of the main heroine’s mother. The leading voice was also given to black actress – A. N. Rose. In 2009, in November, there was a limited display, taking place in New York and LA. Actual release of the musical happened in December. It immediately became successful. The staging obtained 3 nominations for Academy Awards – first for Best Animated Feature and other two for the Original Song. Many critics call this film a revival of Disney. There are also those, who are not content with the choice of the place of action, as there was a hurricane, which had taken lives of many black people. And the main character's black as well.
Release date: 2009
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