Princess and the Frog review

Princess and the Frog Review - Broadway musical

The musical is able to win our hearts by all means. First thing is that it is a very famous story, known to everyone. But it is told in a different way. It makes it original and much more exciting.

Another thing is the characters. There are lots of African American heroes, which is not that typical for animated movies. The most attractive is, of course, the revival of classical style of Disney studio. The designers have selected ‘Lady and the Tramp’ as an ideal representation of such style. The characters are fantastically beautiful, as they have always been in the past – in the times of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ & ‘The Little Mermaid’. The directors, chosen for the production, are masters in such work, as they are those, who have created “Aladdin” and some other pieces of Disney art.

There are lots of celebrities, who has taken part in the show. You can even recognize their voices. Oprah Winfrey was not only the voice, but also a technical consultant, who helped to make the musical magnificent. The songs deserve our attention. Every Disney film contains them, but here, they are special. Randy Newman made his best, while composing them. The voices of the singers perfectly match with them as well. The actors managed to transfer all the emotions and feelings of their characters. The drawing is mesmerizing – every line is just where it should be.

The interpretation of a famous fairy-tale appeared to be extremely successful. The audience in North America and in the world immediately liked it from its release in 2009. This is a story for both children and adults, as every classical Disney movie is something worthwhile. If you are ready to become a little kid for half an hour, to believe in magic and eternal love once again – watch this Disney’s musical. It will definitely make you laugh and cry at the same time and will leave unforgettable feelings.
Last Update:July, 06th 2016

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