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Hope lyrics


How could I believe
One man could destroy
All my father lived for?

This land that I've loved
This land torn apart
Is this what he died for?

I grew among these people
Now their lives are held in chains
And the houses built wih love
Are prison walls

We believed the land was sacred
Now the land is stained with blood
And where the children once sand hymns
The Devil calls

Hope, building a future
Hope, bound us together
Hope, strong as the will to be here
Time, time, brought us closer
Trust making us stronger
Dreams knowing we could be free here

And the day I left these people
I never thought about my past
It was the only way I thought I could survive.

I turned my back on all they gave me
And I've wasted all these years
But I vow to keep my father's dream alive
This I swear!

Now, nothing else matters
Fear, clear as the sunrise
Strong, all that my father prayed for
Lord, let there be justice
Love, let there be mercy
This is what I was made for

Hope, building a future
Hope, we will be stronger
Hope, strong as the will to be here
Truth, truth is our freedom
Faith, making us stronger
Dreams, knowing we could be free here

By my father's love I swear
By my life, I'll free this land!

[Thanks to Naomi for lyrics]
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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