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Falling lyrics


Did I close my eyes
And dream that I was falling
Did I feel the wind?
Or hear the ocean calling?

Have I turned around
To find the world is spinning?
Have I lost my mind?
Or found a new beginning?

Luisa, it's a man you've never met
So don't fool yourself
Don't take risks that you'll regret.

Take a breath and count to three
Or maybe ten
Ooh, This isn't me
This is absurd
It can't be real
But why be afraid of what you feel?

For I closed my eyes
And dreamed that I was feelnig
And I felt the wind
And heard the ocean calling

Then I turned around
To see the world was spinning
Had I lost my mind
Or found a new beginning?

All the words we couldn't say
But we understood
Answers end but questions stay

Between the lights we've yet to read
And who can say
Where they may lead?
We take the risk or turn away

For I've learnt that charms
Mean nothing when they're spoken
And I don't need vows
When promises are broken

And I've always learnt
That mystery is revealing
And the truth is hard
If only one worth feeling

He is all I feel
Words are not in lies
Trust what isn't known
Dreams within their eyes, disguse
Take us by surpise

For I closed my eyes
And dreamed that I am falling
And I feel the wind
I hear the ocean calling

Then I turn around
To see the world is spinning
Have I lost my mind
Or found a new beginning?

When I close my eyes
I see open skies
And feel the ocean calling
And dream that I am falling
I hear a stranger calling me

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